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Piano/Sound Art

"There are moments of absolute pin-dropping silence ... as well as moments of beautiful, violent passion.

A spell is woven between performers and audience alike... Humans. Nature. Art. Music. Technology. To work together is to create beauty, and we felt it tonight"

             Outline Magazine online review

Choral theatre company based in Norwich UK using both un-auditioned singers and experienced professionals creating themed site-specific performances.  


"Jovana Backovic's vocals are superb, and both her and Adrian Lever's musicianship are outstanding... This is Folktronica at its very best" 

                                                     Rainlore's World Review

"Magnificent" FolkRadioUK
"The voice of today's London Irish'
Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2 

Is it folk? Is it early music? Who cares when it's as ethereal and seductive as this... The playing is spry, intelligent and joyous too. 5*" 
                                            Clive Davis - The SundayTimes

"Musically magical...The whole assembly generates musical energy and a total enjoyment of their co-operative performance....totally better than the sum of the parts – though the parts are exceptionally good in their own right. please try to see them"

                                                                                       Sue Coe

"Extraordinary... Silvera has an uncanny ability to combine discomfort with beauty, strangeness with simplicity" - Folk Radio UK

Traditional Irish group featuring vocalist Ruth Corey (NYX Electronic Drone Choir) James Patrick Gavin and Adam Mace

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