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Adrian has worked as a guitar and piano teacher for the last 20 years privately, in schools and in festival workshops and music courses.

He is currently available for online lessons on the following... 

Folk Guitar 

Active as a folk guitarist on the UK festival and arts centre scene since he was 19, Adrian has 20 years experience playing a range of styles and is very happy to take on online students to look at fingerstyles, backing for tunes from the British isles and beyond, flat picking melodies and exploring alternate tuning such as DADGAD, Drop D and open G. His greatest pleasure is helping guitarists break out of chord 'boxes' and develop creativity in their folk playing.




Gaining his LRSM Diploma in 2015 Adrian is currently accepting students working at levels from grade 1 to grade 8 on classical repertoire.

He is also keen to explore approaches to piano improvisation with students, from free form styles to jazz and blues.   

Please get in touch here for lessons.

DADGAD guitar tutor demo video

feat. James Patrick Gavin - fiddle

Bert Jansch's Blackwaterside: Analysis:Tutorial Demo 

Wishing Well by Bert Jansch  


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